Wet Kiss- (Kissing in the rain or in water)

Water is a conductor, intensifying and carrying electrical current. Kissing when you are all wet adds volume to the passionate jolt between two people.

How to: Submerge yourself into water by kissing when you are swimming or lying on the beach (and the waves hit the both of you), or take advantage of a powerful rainstorm by embracing and kissing during the intensity of a heavy downpour. This kiss creates a dramatic, all-body sensation. Both you and your lover can embrace under a heavy rainstorm (thunder and lighting creates drama) and kiss deeply, feeling the water fall upon your face and trickle over your lips. This kiss can also occur anywhere from oceanside to shower stall.

A woman’s point of view:

“The heavier our clothes became with rain, the lighter I felt inside; we opened our hearts, and all the fear washed away by this kiss.” – India (kissing since 1994)

A mans point of view:

“I want it to be the kind of kiss that just envelopes you and you don’t notice that you are soaking wet.” – Cory (kissing since 1988)

No-No’s of the Wet Kiss

  • See right through everything- Make sure you are not wearing clothes that become see-through in the rain. Unless, of course, that is your intention. If so, go ahead! It will become even more passionate and intense.
  • Watch the lightning- No kissing under a big tree, otherwise you both may be very sorry.
  • Sand becomes sandpaper- Ocean shore kissing is fun, but don’t stay there too long; sand friction could dampen this experience.