Innocence: The First Kiss

That first kiss is the marker that measures all other kisses in your life. Whether you liked your first kiss or not, it is your own personal history and it colors your attitude about other kisses that you may experience later on.

How To: The only “how to” that can be passed along here is that you should just let go of all worries and let it happen. Make sure you choose wisely, that you feel comfortable with the person you are with; wait for that connection. Don’t feel pressured. Watch for that instinctual moment when two people move just a little bit closer, heads leaning in enough to encourage the other to do likewise.

A woman’s point of view:

“I can’t really remember it that well… it just sort of happened… I don’t know if my response was that passionate… I wanted to know what it was like… like a scientist” -Rebecca (kissing since 2003)

A man’s point of view:

“Drunk, wearing a suit, trying to be adult at a house party with friends, talking loud in Victor’s basement, listening to Styx and Chris de Burgh tapes where you could hear the pop of the needle dropping into a groove, slipping away with Mary, my date, to another room. Sitting side by side, holding her hand, her head bent back and her eyes hooded, the kiss rocketing through tentativeness to passion almost instantly, surprising both of us. It was a good kiss.” – Kevin (kissing since 1982)

No-No’s of First Kisses:

  • Thinking too much: It’s one of those things that have to happen. So, just do it!
  • Having witnesses: Two’s company, three’s a crowd. You don’t need cheerleaders.
  • Not being aware of the other person: Try to tune into where they are; they will give you clues through their body language.