Superhero Kiss

This is the heroic, mythical kiss that you see in the movies, or that you read about in comic books. It is the kiss at the end of a romantic movie like Casablanca. It is the hauntingly sweet, upside-down kiss between Spiderman and Mary Jane. This kiss conveys powerful meaning and drama. It is the unforgettable kiss between two people that changes lives and stops time.

How to: Something disastrous or emotionally intense needs to happen first. A life is saved, and then suddenly there is this big bolt of chemistry. Two people just have to kiss. Often one person places both hands on the other person’s face and holds them in place, though this isn’t necessary. This is a long kiss, lasting 3 seconds to a few minutes. Enough to create that powerful wave of passion that makes both partners swoon with emotion.

A woman’s point of view:

“It’s a do-or-die kind of kiss…it causes you to forget who you are and the world disappears.” – Sarah (kissing since 1990)

A man’s point of view:

“Great thing to see in a movie after a giant explosion, gun fights, and torn clothing…often accompanying interesting gadgets like in James Bond Movies.” – Phil (kissing since 1970)

No-No’s of the Super Hero Kiss:

  • Chickening out: Once you have decided the timing is right, just do it. Backing away makes you look weak.
  • Forgetting that this is fantasy: A kiss won’t turn you into a Cowboy, a Super Hero, or a Knight in shining armour. However, with a little bit of imagination, you can feel that way for as long as this kiss lasts.