Slow Passionate Kiss

This is a meaningful kiss. It speaks volumes. Personal space is gone, and two bodies meld to exchange a kiss that speaks of passion and love. Everything needs to be done slowly. Occasionally, this kiss begins with a quick peck and then graduates to something deeper.

How to: Find a comfortable place to sit. A couch is great, because you will be in this position for a while. Close your eyes (it could be awkward with your eyes open). Tilt your head to one side and lean in. Your partner, if he or she is fully participating, will tilt his or her head ever so slightly to the other side and both will kiss, touching softly at first and then a little more intensely as you continue on. This is a kiss to be savoured. Chemistry heats up, synapses sizzle, and time stops.

A woman’s point of view:

“A deep kiss is one of those things that just happen – a showing of true feeling. The key to doing a deep kiss is to be slow and be slow on everything.” – Alicia (kissing since 1988)

A man’s point of view:

“You know it’s love…when you kiss like this.” – Dan (kissing since 1979)

No-No’s of the Slow Passionate Kiss:

  • Too long for this song: Don’t over do it. If your partner seems restless and bored, it’s time to stop.
  • No Chewing Gum: Even though your breath is clean, this kiss won’t work when your mouth is full of gum. Get rid of the gum way before this kiss happens.
  • Kicking that one foot up: This never happens; no one has a desire to kick one foot up. However, one does get weak in the knees if this kiss is delivered with expertise.