Light Peck (or “smack”)

This is the not so serious kiss, the “I’m too busy to really stop and kiss you properly” kiss. Often, it is done between married couples who have been together for a long time. Sometimes, couples are too embarrassed to kiss passionately in public so they opt for the chaste kiss. This kiss has been going on for centuries.

How To: Simply touch lips gently and quickly with your partner. Often, this is accompanied by words of endearment. If someone kisses you this way the morning after a passionate night, you should refer back to the “Kiss Off” kiss, because that is what you are getting.

A woman’s point of view:

“I dunno, it’s cute” – Chris (kissing since 1984)

A man’s point of view:

“It’s good for the end of dates early on in a relationship, and public kissing, and yea it’s fun, but it leaves you kind of hanging.” – LJ (kissing since 1994)

No-No’s of the Light Peck:

  • Hard landing: Sometimes in haste you may misjudge where your partner is and actually end up kissing harder than you wanted to, or kissing something unintended, like a nose or a chin. This could result in injury, so if you are inexperienced, take your time.
  • Timing is everything: Make this kiss too short and your partner will wonder why you even bothered; too long and this kiss graduates to the long, lingering kiss. To deliver a light peck successfully, keep your kiss around 2 seconds.