Hickey Kiss

This kiss is a bruise that is caused using ones lips. Some people think of it as a way to say, “I’ve been here”. Everyone does not favor this kiss, so its one of those things that is best discussed before performed. However, sometimes in the heat of passion, it happens. The next morning the recipient wakes up and finds out that he or she has strange bruises all over his or her body.

How To: To give a hickey, start by kissing your partners skin, open your mouth and then slightly suck on the place that you kissed. The object is to create a vacuum. It doesn’t take long before you have created a bruise without causing too much pain in the process.

A woman’s point of view:

“It’s a mark of passion.” – Laurie (kissing since 1975)

A mans point of view:

“Endless fun, my way of marking my progress into unknown territory.” – James (kissing since 1981)

No-No’s of Hickeys

  • Overkill: A hickey kiss should last no longer than 30 seconds; after that you are overdoing it.
  • Keep it confidential: Avoid places like face and hands. Yes, it is fun to advertise but you need to respect your partner’s privacy.
  • Unwelcome hickey: It’s a good idea to ask before you administer a hickey. Some people don’t like them.