Goodnight Kiss

This kiss is one that occurs at the end of the date. It could be the most passionate experience or the most frustrating one. The Goodnight Kiss could be any one of the kisses mentioned in this e-booklet; however, its basic meaning is that it signals the end of a date. Depending on the passion (or lack thereof) of this kiss, a couple could end up in bed, or they may never see or hear from each other again.

How To: If you are not sure if this kiss will occur, move slowly in closer to your partner, and bend your head in. Relax, but be ready for them to reciprocate. If they are moving in with you, good news! You’re on your way to a successful goodbye kiss. If they back off, you know the kiss has been voided. So, to save face, fake a sneeze, or offer up a simple “gee, I’m silly” hug instead.

A woman’s point of view:

“As the song says, it’s in his kiss.” – Debbie (kissing since 1979)

A man’s point of view:

“A woman will judge you on that first very important kiss. It’s important not to be all stressed out and sweaty; relax, lean in and let them know just how great it was to be out with them…” – Aaron (kissing since 1970)

No-No’s of the Goodbye Kiss:

  • Overdoing it- This starts as a very gentle kiss, so don’t rush in without knowing where you are going. If this is a first date, take your time, flirt a little and tune into your partner.
  • Losing awareness- If you are drunk out of your mind, you may misinterpret this kiss completely and make a fool out of yourself, especially if your partner is sober. If you are both tipsy, however, this kiss may turn out to be lots of fun. Know your limits.