Euro Kiss

Euro Kiss

In Europe, it is customary to kiss in greeting, much the way other cultures will shake hands. It is a way to share affection without really committing to anything passionate at all. Everyone kisses: children, adults, and grandparents. It is a polite form of sharing your personal space and it is a sign of trust and friendship between two people.

How To: This kiss is performed differently, depending on where you are from. Some cultures kiss the air beside one cheek and the other. Sometimes only one side is kissed. If you are in unfamiliar cultural territory, it is best to wait and see what the other person does first before you attempt this kiss. Occasionally, this kiss will turn into a full mouth peck, but rarely does it move past that.

A woman’s point of view:

“I never know what to expect, I just do as the Roman’s do.” – Debbie (kissing since 1980)

A man’s point of view:

“Do guys even do this?” – Luke (kissing since 2000)

No-No’s of the Euro Kiss:

  • Avoid trend setting: Unless you are brazen, do not introduce this into a culture that doesn’t do this.
  • Overstepping into passion: Do not move from this kiss to a French Kiss unless you are a hundred percent sure the energy is right to move forward.