Classic French Kiss

Classic French Kiss (OO-LA-LA!)

The Classic French Kiss has been around with us for ages; sometimes it is simply referred to as “giving tongue” or “frenching.” It begins like a classic kiss with two lips touching, and progresses to the opening of mouths, and then the touching of tongues.

How To: The lips, opened only slightly, should touch first lightly and then more passionately. Then, when both partners are ready, the tongues should touch and explore, entwining in a languishing manner. The tongue is a very sensual tool. It has nerve receptors that measure not only feeling, but also taste. Therefore, it is important to respect it, as well as feel free to explore this sensation to the fullest.

A woman’s point of view:

“I think it can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing….it is not a wrestling match… it’s an intimate dance… full of subtleties. One has to have a certain level of finesse and intuition to do it properly”– Paige (kissing since 1985)

A man’s point of view:

“French kissing is a very sensuous way to kiss, a lot more so than just ‘pecking’…. It heightens the foreplay experience and, naturally, the sexual experience.”– Mark (kissing since 1979)

No-No’s of the French Kiss:

  • Darting snake tongue: Do not, under any circumstance flick your tongue in and out of another person’s mouth quickly in a snake-like manner; it doesn’t work. Like good barbecue, the French Kiss is “low and slow”.
  • Alien invasion: Avoid pushing your tongue into someone’s unsuspecting mouth.
  • Bad breath: If you are going to do the tonsil waltz with someone, make sure your teeth are clean, flossed, and that you did not eat sushi beforehand. If you really must kiss this way after a smelly but tasty meal, indulge in a mint before hand.