Blowing A Kiss

Blowing A Kiss

This kiss embraces a multitude of meanings. Simply stated, it is a gesture of a kiss. Because of this, it can convey the meanings of all the kisses stated, from the passionate kiss to the kiss of death.

How To: To blow a kiss, raise your hand up to your mouth, kiss your palm (the lips do not necessarily have to touch the palm) then blow on the space that you kissed, and aim towards the recipient. Accompany this with a giggle, a big smile, and a wave.

A woman’s point of view:

“They are little bursts of love” – JB (kissing since 1977)

A man’s point of view:

“I learned how to kiss this way when I was a child. It was something you did when your aunt or uncle drove away on a car or a bus…later on I did it to people I was mad at when I was driving. It was a way to get to them without flipping the finger.” – Bill (kissing since 1974)

No-No’s of Blowing a Kiss:

  • Not making eye contact: Make sure the other person is watching you do this. If they are not, your gesture is wasted.
  • Having high expectations: Don’t expect this kiss to mean more than it does. It’s just an act of affection. That’s it. Nothing more.